The UK’s first mainline hydrogen locomotive

“HydroSHUNTER represents both a compelling demonstration for the use of clean, hydrogen technology within rail as well as a shining example of how zero-carbon drivetrain conversions can provide a cost-effective means of renewing, improving, and increasing the lifespan of valuable but otherwise obsolete rolling stock.”

Vanguard’s own HydroSHUNTER project is rapidly gaining momentum as it approaches readiness for its new, zero-carbon drivetrain conversion. Procurement for the first-of-kind demonstrator vehicle is underway with battery cells scheduled for arrival in November 2023 and fuel cell in March of 2024.

With ongoing support from the Severn Valley Railway, the British Railways Class 08 shunter will be transformed to run first on battery-only power in early 2024. Integration of hydrogen storage and fuel cell arrangements will follow before commissioning and signoff in spring 2024.

Read more about the project here: https://vanguardsts.com/news/