The UK’s first hydrogen train

“HydroFLEX 2 promises to be a huge step towards bringing hydrogen-powered passenger mobility to the world and is now well into its mainline testing programme, fuelled by Vanguard.”

The global push towards net-zero sees countless, cutting-edge hydrogen powered innovations in development worldwide. One such project is Porterbrook Leasing’s prestigious HydroFLEX 2 train. With high-purity hydrogen in high demand, Vanguard is proud to be managing HydroFLEX 2’s fuel supply keeping wheels turning throughout its mainline testing programme.

This fascinating project has taken Vanguard from strength to strength with initial deliveries of up to 30 kilograms of green hydrogen at a time in 2022 for initial onboard systems testing to current deliveries of up to 600 kilograms at a time to support longer, more intensive mainline test runs.